Shawn Gibson


Shawn is a Co-Founder of TruVision Health. He works with corporate initiatives and spends a lot of his time out in the field building relationships with Associates. In the beginning stages of TruVision Health, Shawn realized he had an opportunity to create a company that is focused on product and not so much the “hype”. He wanted to help people to improve their lives from a health standpoint as well as monetary means. He was born in Missoula, MT but spent most of his life growing up and living in Utah. In his spare time he likes to be with his family of 4 kids. He is also an avid golfer and can occasionally be found missing from his office and out on the course.

❝I’ve enjoyed being a part of TruVision Health from the very beginning, and have loved seeing the difference that it has made for people. I’ve enjoyed getting to build and form relationships with them and have them join our family. It has also been exciting to see the corporate team grow and I really do love coming into work daily because I get to be around such great people who also care about the future of TruVision Health.❞

David Brown


David is a Co-Founder of TruVision Health. He works primarily on formulating new products, interacting with Associates in the field, and building lasting relationships with customers. Dave has years of experience in developing and formulating successful products. Dave knew these products could help people and wanted a way to offer them at an affordable price. That’s where Network Marketing comes into play. His goal was to provide high quality products that really work, as well as help others to improve their overall health and inspire their personal progress. Dave grew up in San Diego, CA but spent most of his life living right here in Utah. In his spare time, he enjoys all of the great outdoor activities that Utah has to offer. Some of his favorites are camping, biking, ATV and motorcycle riding.

❝TruVision Health is a wonderful partnership between corporate operating with the highest integrity and our hard-working Associates who also conduct themselves with integrity.❞

Derrick Raynes


Derrick is the CSO of TruVision Health and is the Corporate Executive who oversees ongoing business operations within the company. Derrick also spends a lot of his time out in the field interacting with Associates. Derrick was raised in Orem, UT and then moved to Arizona for a period of time before coming to work at TruVision Health. With years of experience in Network Marketing, Derrick chose TruVision because he loved the culture behind the Company and it was something he could feel good about doing. In his spare time he and his wife Alexa enjoy real estate by turning properties into vacation rentals. He also enjoys hiking and playing at this park with his two daughters, Victoria and Maren.

❝We stand out as a company with integrity. We have more affordable products than our competitors, but keep our commissions high to the field. Our products are powerful and that allows us to sample them at a low cost. We genuinely want to help people live better physically, mentally, and financially. I expect TruVision Health to be a billion dollar global company helping millions of people around the world.❞

Scott Lamb


Scott is the CFO for TruVision Health. Around the office, Scott is referred to as “Money Bags” because he and his team manage the Company’s finances, financial planning, record-keeping, and financial reporting. His hobbies all revolve around health which is why he chose TruVision Health. It was like a match made in heaven. He liked the vision of the company and how they make weight management easier so that all of the Associates in the company can live healthier lives. He was raised in Glendale, Utah. In his spare time he enjoys lifting weights and being with his family. Those two things take up all of his free time, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

❝You only have one life…. So live it to its fullest. If you have hurdles in your life (such as health issues) find ways to improve your overall health. The last thing you want to do is to look back on your life and regret that you let weight hold you back from doing everything you love and everything you want to accomplish.❞

Dean Petersen


Dean is the CMO at TruVision Health. He works primarily with the Marketing team in regard to branding, messaging, design, overall feel and company culture. Dean also spends a significant amount of time out in the field interacting with Associates. Dean was raised in the small town of Paris, TX. Fun fact: it’s the second largest Paris in the world and has an Eiffel Tower with a red cowboy hat on top. In his spare time he enjoys anything that involves socializing with people and if you have met Dean you know this to be true! He always finds the positive in everything he does and that spreads to those around him. He also loves to go outside and go off-roading in his 4X4.

❝I would hope that when people hear the company name of TruVision Health, they associate it with a positive feeling of well-being. That it can help someone in all aspects of their life from health to careers to their social interactions.❞

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