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When it comes to our most popular products, we’re constantly striving to perfect them! Let us introduce you to our best version of Tru™ yet, say hello to Tru+™!

Truvy Boost™ Drink Combo

Take control of your weight loss with our delicious Truvy Boost™ drink!

The Truvy Boost™ drink combines the blood chemistry benefits of Tru™ and VY Boost™ into one powerful convenient formula, available in two delicious flavors.

Truvy Boost was formulated to help support healthy blood sugar, increase thermogenesis and manage cravings.

* With zero added sugars and with natural flavors and colors, you’ll be able to take your weight loss to the next level.


I was introduced to Truvy by my sister in law and I started my journey in November 2015. I am a Mother to 5 beautiful children but at that moment in life I found myself tired, moody, very over weight and addicted to sugar! Before November 2015 my diet mostly consisted of junk food, sweets and Red Bull!

When I started on this product I detoxed for over 3 weeks! My body was in such an unhealthy state and I had to do some real soul searching. I realized that I was destroying the one thing that could not be replaced. About a month into the product I saw that my eating habits are changing. I don’t want to snack anymore, chocolate has lost it taste and that a beautiful green salad is what I wanted and craved for.

I only started losing weight 5 weeks into my journey on Truvision Health. And I didn’t have the massive drop of weight but rather a slow steady pace in which I have lost 16kg or 35lbs. But that’s not all! I am grateful for the weight I lost! But my health as improved 10 fold. My last visit to the doctor office was back in 2016. I don’t struggle with low blood sugar anymore and for the first time in my year I can enjoy a full night’s rest! My joint pain is gone and I have energy like never before. LIFE IS GOOD!

Why is Truvy my Passion?

So here we are… I became a certified Personal Trainer, quit my medical sales job and moved to the mecca of heath and fitness, Southern California. Upon arriving here I immediately got offered a job as a Personal Trainer at Equinox, one of the most elite gyms in the country, where I quickly rose to be a top Tier 3+ trainer. As rewarding as it was to work for Equinox for four years, I’m starting a new phase in my career and will be focusing on private training and nutrition plans for my clients.



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